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Good Worming! Nordic Worming News

Prices, shop, green waste: July in Heinämaa

Good worming!

Let me, as my first "official" action today, tell you about the Nordic Worming web shop.

I know the timing isn't the best to have technical difficulties, but such things happen - usually when you less need it. Unfortunately, the progressive price model I developed doesn't exactly fit into "normal" web shop programs. The shop will be available under and connections are secured by SSL. My sincere apologies to all people who have been asking for prices and products. A partial answer will be in the next section.

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A long expected update

Good worming! 

All apologizes for this very (very!) late update. It's overdue.

As you may imagine, the set up of the web shop did take a discrete amount of supplementary time. I also had the feeling the news I could tell were not exiting enough to be reported. Now a whole wheelbarrow of news awaits, if you want to read more.


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Yet another "Thank you"

Two weeks have passed since the opening party, and I am here again to thank people.

Thank you to our guests, taking time on a Friday evening to listen to a couple of guys talking about worms. Thank you for your interest for this quite unusual topic and for your questions. It was great to have you here!

And thank you to my faithful friends, helpers, supporters and, of course, my lovely wife and kids. It's wonderful to have so good people around me!

And before I forget... A big big thank goes to Marcel for his graffiti interpretation on the Nordic Worming logo.

before the party tn


To respect everyone's privacy, I'm not posting pictures of the audience.

So, what is the news? 

  • After struggling for quite a while, I eventually got help from Mrs. Borg from Hämeen ELY-keskus with the filling of a form to be allowed to transport waste. Submitted it last Thursday. Friday I got informed that the decision is (already!) on it's way. So no more jokes about slow functionaries please!
  • I made agreements with one of my neighbours to make outdoor tests in reduced scale.We'll see how the worms perform with cow manure during the summer. I'm sure they will do great, but we'll have a proof soon!
  • A Helsinki based wholesaler is interested in selling vermicompost "made in Finland" and we already made some agreements.
  • I get often asked "How are the worms?". They're doing fine and we have a whole lot of babies!

More news will follow soon!

Thanks for reading and worm regards :-)

Olivier Fontana


New neighbours...

Good worming!

As I said in my previous post, no news is good news! I was right...

That's why I'm happy to announce that there are new neighbours in town! :-)

worms tn

This boys are hungry and in good shape! We put them (with several hundreds of their kind and some of the material they were living in) into one of the freshly set-up breeder bins.

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