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Who's that spy?

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To all wormaholics! 

After hearing some moaning, because of the many contact information I was asking for, our on-line letter of interest (which can still be found  here) has been updated!

Being a Swiss citizen, I could not imagine how afraid Finns can be when it comes to giving their phone number or social security number to some sort of "company" - I'm used to have my privacy respected. I apologize for this mistake. After the third electicity contract call I started to become suspicious myself... 


So now the on-line form only asks for your name and address. Social security number is definitely out. And you can provide your phone number, if you want to. And again, I'm the only one able to see the data you provide. I'm definitely not going to ruin my reputation by messing with someone's personal data.

A huge "kiitos" goes to Hannele Pajamies-Suszko for providing the necessary translations!

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